Heath and Beauty Tips.

Tried and Tested by “Moi”

Eye Mask(for slightly sore eyes).

If your eyes are sore, get some used tea bags pop them in the fridge for an hour then place them on your eyes for a couple of mins.(great for the day after the night before).

If you’ve run out of tea bags place a couple of table spoons in the freezer for 3mins pop them out of the freezer then place then on your eyes(If you’ve forgotten the spoons in the freezer take them out and wait a while before placing on your eyes).

A refreshing treat for your eyes(great for baggy eyes to!!!!).

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  1. Paul says:

    Great stuff. You guys should list yourselves on http://www.mymuswell.com as a class. That’s where me and all my friends get our tips from.

  2. Stephanie says:

    “Heath and Beauty Tips. | Pilates North London” was indeed a marvelous post, can not help but wait
    to read much more of ur articles. Time to waste some time on the
    net hehe. Thanks -Timmy

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