Just passed my driving test 7 weeks ago(It was emotional!!),got my car 2 days ago(It was emotional!!).Now I’ll be whizzing around to my classes quicker then you can say“JOSEPH HUBERTUS PILATES”.Have to master parallel parking though anyone got any tips?

Pilates is recommended by the London Marathon as being good for runners, here’s what they say:

“I’ve been told that pilates could help my running. Is there any truth in this?

“Pilates can produce a number of  benefits of use to the runner.These include greater strength and muscle tone especially in the core,Improved flexibility and increased joint mobility.As a result of doing pilates, the runner may have more efficient respiratory and circulatory system and thus improved performance,with less incidence of injury and back pain.Pilates can also heighten concentration and mental focus of the runner.”


Apologies for not blogging for a very, very long time(new to this blogging lark).

I was told that little and often is the key to blogging.

So all I can say for now is GO TEAM GB!!!!!!!

I’m loving the OLYMPICS.


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  1. Chalky says:

    Parallel parking tip for a pilates teacher who has not long passed her test?
    Engage your core, keep your shoulders relaxed, turn your head towards your shoulder, and look where you’re going!

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