Please take a look at what some of my clients have got to say about my Pilates Classes…

“About three years ago I started to feel stiff when I woke up in the morning and put it down to old age. I was 67 at the time and although I enjoyed good health I was definitely becoming less agile, but it was sheer vanity which made me phone Shobha Pattni to book my first Pilates session. It was the bat wing arms that did it. Sleeveless tops were no longer a good look for me. I told Shobha that I wasn’t expecting miracles but if she could help me get back a bit of muscle tone I’d be very happy.

I’m now 70 and after 3 years of weekly pilates sessions with Shobha, I feel 10 years younger than when I first got in touch with her. Not only that but I can run up the stairs two at a time and feel more flexible and certainly much healthier. Oh, and I’ve started wearing sleeveless tops again! ”
Christine Collins

“I have been taking Pilates Classes with Shobha for over four years and two pregnancies. Her approach is very clear, personal and professional. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feel I have achieved something. She makes every session enjoyable yet constantly challenging. Practicing Pilates before and during pregnancies helped with the birth and has strengthened my pelvic floor – great for life after childbirth! On top of that, Pilates has helped to improve my posture, core strength and flexibility but also taught me through breathing techniques to relax and focus. Pilates with Shobha; I can’t recommend it enough!”
Analy Read

“Along with a couple of my friends, I have been having Pilates sessions with Shobha for about 9 months and I have found it to be one of the most effective things that I have done. She has targeted those places that I thought were dead and gone! She is very dynamic, yet patient and makes sure that everyone is doing the right thing with the right breath etc. She is full of laughter and fun, but is passionate about Pilates and takes her craft seriously. I look forward to our sessions very much and always look and feel better afterwards!  My aim is to eventually have a figure like hers … um… might take a while… er…”
Louise Parsons

“I do believe I’ve finally developed a very fine pair of ‘pins’, thanks exclusively to the patience and perseverance of the lovely Shobha. Thank you.”
Jo Wright

“I was a student of Shobha’s for two years and I looked forward to each and every Pilates class. The combination of Shobha’s knowledge and professionalism, her good humour and patience and a programme tailored to suit my level meant that I left every class feeling so much better than I did when I arrived!  I even noticed the effects during the week between classes as I felt more flexible and aware of my posture and of what I was doing – or not doing – with my core muscles. She is very inspiring as a teacher, not just because of her energy and enthusiasm, but because you can look at her and imagine that one day you might be as strong as she is and even look something like her….”
Simone Gold

“Shobha is a fantastic Pilates teacher who really knows her stuff – she’s inspiring, energetic and great fun to be with. I always Iook forward to our weekly sessions.”
Ian Potts

“Shobha’s technique and skills have helped me tremendously in achieving a state of wellbeing and good health that I would have never hoped for. This was especially as I was recovering from a hysterectomy.”

“I originally started Pilates to obtain relief from an ongoing back problem. My back is better thanks to Shobha, but I continue to see her every week as I enjoy the challenge of the classes and love the post-exercise ‘glow’.”